Moped wants to start...need some help

I have a 1978 Fantic Issimo, that i picked up for 60 bucks. cleaned it all down, and its looking good, the only thing is it doesn't run...yet. It has compression, it has a spark, but needs a better fuel line i think ( the one i put on leaks all over the place) It is also missing an on/off switch ( any ideas on how i can make a make shift one?)

Down to the facts. When i try to start her up, i hold the compression lever in, and start peddling. After a few revolutions of the peddles she starts to turn over, BUT ONLY WHILE I AM PEDDLING. as soon as i stop peddling, or take my hand off the compression, it dies again. This may be because the engine isn't getting enough fuel because of the leaks, or because maybe i had too much oil in it, or not enough...i don't know. BUT I think that the main reason it won't start if because of the on/off switch.

Any help is much appreciated.

keep peddin,


Re: Moped wants to start...need some help

Don Pflueger /

Re: Moped wants to start...need some help

I found a fuel cut off valve at fleet farm for 12 bucks,

Did you clean the carb, Mine had lots of rust in the tank and would fill the carb with rust, or the float would stick open and I'd have fuel coming out of the air filter,

does it accually sound like it's running ro just turning over when your peddling? check your kill switch

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