I finally got spark.

But still can't check combustion because of that loose pedal crank chain (smaller and shorter chain). I was checking for spark by spinning the flywheel with a drill and socket.

The chain seems to be 1.5 links too long I can't just remove a link. However, stretching 1.5 links seems impossible to me. That makes me think that it's an adjustment issue. I looked around for adjustment slots, but didn't find any.

Perhaps somone has done this adjustment. Can anyone help me out?


Re: Finally...Spark

err.. what kinda bike is this again?

Re: Finally...Spark

Batavus Regency. M56 Laura Engine

Re: Finally...Spark

now i remember that thread .. you ordered a new chain.. what happened with that.. Is this new chain still loose as hell?

btw, they do make half-links .. so, to shorten a chainby 1 and 1/2 links, two links might be removed and replaced with a half-link.

Re: Finally...Spark

Do you know where I can get a #31 chain half link?

The pedal chain is not a standard bicycle chain. I tried that, and the bicycle chain is too large.


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