Remove muffler baffle ??

Hi all,

Re: 77 Puch Maxi 2HP.

I took my exhaust pipe apart the other day to clean it. The baffle holes were slightly plugged up so I cleaned everything up and put it back together. On the end of the baffle assembly are two small holes facing to the rear. I drilled 2 more and now my bike runs way better (32mph).

Can I remove the baffle assembly altogether from the tailpipe for even more performance, or will doing so harm my engine (and my ears :-) ??????????

Thanks, Bill

ps. There is no blockage of the exhaust port.

Re: Remove muffler baffle ??

beyond clearing the exhaust system of carbon blockage, there's usually no benefit in removing a muffler's baffles .. it just makes the bike louder.

But sometimes the internal shape of the stock muffler's outer shell is similar to the sectional parts of an expansion chamber .. especially the first, long tapered section. I see the maxi muffler might qualify

Such a taper-shaped section (the "diffuser" section) can have an effect on helping to purge the cylinder of residual exhaust gases, similar to what an expansion chamber does. It all depends on how the exhaust's sound waves bounce around inside the pipe.. If removing a baffle assembly results in an empty, open muffler shell where sound waves are no longer killed dead, you've got a chance.

Remove the baffle.. Do some testing with a stopwatch .. see if top speed and/or acceleration improved. .. balance the results against the annoyance of the louder exhaust.

Re: Remove muffler baffle ??

Do you have any pictures of your custom drilled baffle? I would be interested in doing that myself. Thanks!

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