Frustrated need help!!!

I am having a helluva time. I have gone through two sets of piston rings trying to get the piston into the cylinder. It is a high torque puch cylinder with matching piston the rings are a little different than non high torque... Anyways is there anything I should know, tricks or anything, other than oiling it up and squeezing them together. I can get the damn thing in with just the top ring but not with the bottom ring it just cracks!!!!!!!!!

Please Help?

Re: Frustrated need help!!!

You can buy a piston ring condensor

Re: Frustrated need help!!!

where? and could it end all frustrations?

Re: Frustrated need help!!!

I'm not sure where to get one but my brother has one and they work good. I have looked for them and haven't been able to find one try and autoparts store if you can't find one you could make one get a peice of light sheet metal and wrap it around the piston then put a hose clamp or two on it and tighten the hose clamps and tap on the piston with someting to get it into the cylinder

Re: Frustrated need help!!!

I oil up the cylinder and piston and insert the piston into the cylinder while it is off the motor. Once the piston is in then slide the cylinder onto the motor and connect the piston to the connecting rod. Make sure you put a clean rag in around the connecting rod to keep the circlips from falling into the crankcase.


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Re: Frustrated need help!!!

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

It is called a ring compressor Jim.

Re: Frustrated need help!!!

I do have the cylinder off. I have put pistons with rings into regular puch cylinders but the second high torque ring will not go in.

Re: Frustrated need help!!!

John Joedicke /

Check you end gap. Put the ring in the cylinder and check for fit. somebody should be able to chime in as to the clearance you need on the ends. Are you compressing the ring by the pins?

Re: Frustrated need help!!!

Yes I am sure I am compressing them at the correct notches. It seems as though the second ring just does not fit. Right now I am running the bike with just the top ring until I get another set. There now is a knocking sound at low rpm's and idle. I hope this is not "piston slap" is there anything else I should check? Flywheel maybe? Once I go over 25 mph it goes away..30-40 sounds really smooth.



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