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I have recently obtained a 1978 Honda Express with winding starting system. The winding starter did not move, so I assumed that it had broken spring, so first thing I did, was taking a L-cover off… Well the spring was winded up, it released very loudly. The piston was "frozen" (15 years in storage), and that was the reason it did not turn. I got some wd40 in cylinder, released the piston, made new gasket for L-case, and put it together. It even started up (still working on adjustments to tune it up…)

Now the question: Does the starting pedal should return to its top position when pressed down to wind? I have to do it ~ 3 times to wind it completely, and it is a pain (while I am adjusting the carb) to move the pedal back up each time I press it down.

Thank you very much in advance.


Re: 78 honda express starter pedal return

Jonas Quimby /

It is supposed to return, yes. I beleave there is a return spring specificly for this, and it is very difficult to put it back in correctly when putting the cover back on. I did it myself, but mostly through a half an hour of trying, not any specific trick.

Re: 78 honda express starter pedal return

Jax184, thank you very much for your response.

That is very strange, I am the first who opened the L-cover ever, and I did not touch the starting ratchet, stopper, nor the return spring (the only suspicion is that it released violently when I took it off). The manual tells that a punch mark on the sprocket should be aligned with the tip of the starter arm (attached pic), but I don't see the point of that... ? Do you wind the spring before you put the cover on? When you say you are "trying", what exactly you do you do?

Thank you again,


Re: 78 honda express starter pedal return

Forgot to attach the picture...


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