HELP my mb5 has no spark

I was riding my mb5 the other night and it died on me, i tried to fire it back up but it had no spark, anyone know of and for sure ways to test the ignition components?

i dont want to just start throwning parts on it because there all pretty expensive

ignition control module?

ignition coil assembly?

silicon rectifier?

anyone know the most common failure? or anyone have any of these parts?

Re: HELP my mb5 has no spark

Don Pflueger /

a no spark issue can be caused by many things. the first and easiest thing to try is to install a new spark plug. if that does not help, the next easiest thing is to check the tail and brake light bulbs. if they are good, test the spark plug boot for continuity. then check the spark plug wire, points, condensor, and the charging coils. most often dirty or misadjusted points are your problem. on a point type system it is usually a good idea to take everything apart and clean it up. a small amount of rust on the stator plate or charging coils can cause a lot of trouble.

cdi type ignitions either work, or they dont. so if a new plug and good brake/tail lights are not the cure, then chances are the cdi is bad.

with both types of ignition systems, you still need to make sure that all wires are in good shape, connections are clean and tight, and all grounds are hooked up, clean, and tight.



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Re: HELP my mb5 has no spark

ok i now have spark (it was a bad plug) but it still wont start it has air fuel and spark what am i possibly missing i throughly cleaned the carb and tried to kickit over over 100 times

please let me know any ideas

Re: HELP my mb5 has no spark

Steve Williams /

it may be a longshot but the plug may have been a secondary fault,i came across a similar fault once when i was a motorcycle mechanic which was a holed piston,the plug had gone bad because it was full of molten aluminium!

Re: HELP my mb5 has no spark

Don Pflueger /
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