puch carb questions! 15mph moped

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hi. i have a 1977 puch maxi that, after having been taken to the moped shop here in kalamazoo and was thoroughly checked over, still only gets a top speed of 15mph. they didnt really know what was wrong with it after all the work they did too it. it wasnt even running before i had brought it to them. after looking into performance parts i was told a bullet exhaust and a bigger carb would help me go faster at least. so i bought a bullet exhaust and asked questions about it in the performance section and they told me about upjetting.

soo i checked out the numbers on my carb. i was under the impression that i had a plain ol 1977 puch maxi 1HP.

the carb is a 1/12/307, according to the article, the carb for a puch maxi luxe 2HP.

i know the guy who owned the bike before me never had it running, but knew the original carb was bad so he bought a new one. he gave me parts of the original carb when he sold me the bike and it says its a 1/12/292. the carb for a 1HP puch maxi (which is what i thought the bike was) is a 1/12/294. could a 294 and 292 be interchangable? is it possible the guy bought the wrong type of bing carb for this moped (a 1/12/307 instead of a 1/12/294) and thats why its running slow?

that would definitely make the jet size bigger at least and in the performance section they said having a much too large or too small main jet would make it run poorly.

is there anyway of knowing just exactly what bike i have so i know what bing carb number i should have? i have the serial number if that helps. is there a serial number directory anywhere? i know its a one speed and i know its a 1977 puch maxi.

thanks for any help you all can give me!

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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