My Friend's Crappy Tomos Bullet


I've been working on this moped for a few days. We had to Kreem seal the gas tank, but we got it running today.

New problem:

Gas only comes out of the fuel line when the cap is off the tank. Did we kill a vent/breather hole with the Kreem? Or do we have a bad petcock?

Any other ideas?

Thanks y'all- Herb Majic.

Re: My Friend's Crappy Tomos Bullet

If the fuel flows with the gas cap off I would guess the vent in the cap got plugged.


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Re: My Friend's Crappy Tomos Bullet

it do sound like there's no vent .. the vacuum developed prevents fuel fron flowing out.

When i got my bike it had been Kreemed .. ok, fine.. After a while i got around to replacing the gas cap's rubber gasket seal .. all of a sudden i have trouble. At that point i notice the cap itself was Kreemed. (The tank was venting through the old dried shrunken gasket.. but, no more)

soaked it in acetone to remove the kreem .. blew the two tiny vent holes out .. they seemed to be open .. but still a problem.

Finally i got some pliers and bend/broke the cap apart.. Every nook and cranny of that cap was packed with rust flakes so it couldn't vent..

when a tank's interior gets rusty you can be pretty sure the interior of the cap did too.

Re: My Friend's Crappy Tomos Bullet

Hey, that's great advice. That one was a real headscratcher. I was wondering what to do with that cap. Judging by the look of the tank, I'll just assume the cap is dead. It wasn't on when we Kreemed it. Maybe I'll just replace it or at least try to do some surgery on it.

Thanks again boys- Herb.

Re: My Friend's Crappy Tomos Bullet

Don Pflueger /

yep. after all, water got in the tank from somewhere. usually condensation. but it can leak thru the cap as well.

Re: My Friend's Crappy Tomos Bullet

You can drill a small hole straight through it. 1/16" will do fine.

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