Last night my moped was working fine and today I went to ride it and it's not running to good ( gets up to 10mph then you have to put on the dhoke till it gets to 20 mph and then it runs fine). It was cool last night and today it's humid, can that have something to do with it, also it never really did idle to good but today it's idleing alot bettter

Re: ??????

take some time to clean your carb very well, then post back any changes.

Re: ??????

Shawn Mcdonald /

It does seem like the carb needs to be cleaned but I dont think thats the problem but I will try cleaning it

Re: ??????

it's not the humidity .. moisture in the air and/or hotter air makes the mixture richer (there are less air molecules per volume of wet, hot air than there are in cool, dry air.)

Your bike seems to be running lean. Choking it cuts off some air and makes the mixture more correct.. makes it richer.

A dirty carb is very likely .. fuel flow is restricted, leaning the mix.

The weird thing is you say the lean-problem disappears when you get past 20 mph.

So it sounds like the carb is not metering fuel correctly at mid-throttle.. this could be a mechanical problem, like throttle cable adjustment or something to do with the slide-needle position.. it could be float level.. maybe a vacuum leak from loosening bolts around the intake or a fuel leak..

The point is it may be something other than just dirt.

Heres the whole story

Shawn Mcdonald /

Yesterday it developed a gas leak that got pretty bad so I looked and gas was comming out wherever it could so I figured the float was stuck. I to off the carb and the float wasn't stuck ( but I could have knocked it loose while taking the carb off) so I cleaned the carb a little and reasembled the moped then it ran perfect except it wouldn't idle wich it never has. so I rode it around for about 45 minutes and put it away for the night then this morning it didn't start to good and it runs crappy ( you need to turn the choke on from 10 mph to 20mph and then it continues to climb to about 35 mph) anyway I still didn't clean out the carb I will try that tommorow but it usually runs diferently than it does now when the carb is dirty. Plus today it will idle wich is pretty weird

Re: Heres the whole story

the fact that it ran perfect one time and it idled perfect another are very good signs.. aint nothin really wrong with that bike.. you're almost there.. the carb just needs some extra special attention.

Re: ??????

Shawn Mcdonald /

after I clean the carb tommorow I will post the results

got it running good

Shawn Mcdonald /

I got the moped to run perfect now but now its leaking gas pretty bad I im not sure were its coming from. it looks like the leak is to far back to be coming from the bowl of the carb ill look more later but where else could it be leaking from

not runnig

Shawn Mcdonald /

now it seems like the float is stuck because its leaking gas just about everywhere and it wont run

Re: not runnig

Don Pflueger /

things that cause a carb to leak;

dirt inbetween the inlet needle and seat

worn inlet needle and seat

leaking float

rusty float hinge pin

bent float hinge pin

crack in the carb body

loose bowl drain screw

leak where fuel line attaches to carb

leak from gas tank, runs down the fuel line

petcock leaks, again, runs down fuel line

improper float height

inlet needle and seat not mounted to float correctly

carb is gummed up



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Re: not runnig

u forgot one bad gaskets or improperly sealing gaskets

Re: not runnig

Don Pflueger /

thanks, i'll add it to this list on my site

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