engine dies

my 77 puch maxi sport has been running really strong lately, but yesterday it all of a sudden starting jolting and stopped running. the only difference i can think of in how i drive it is that i switched the fuel gauge from the left position to the down position. i thought the left position had been for the reserve tank. is the carb flooded? im thinking it's something to do with the fuel line or the carb. any ideas?

Re: engine dies

i'd agree.. petcocks sometimes have problems.. they are OK until one day you move them.. Then the gasket seal inside crumbles and clogs up fuel flow. Or the "Reserve" hole may be partly clogged since it's lower in the tank where all the crap collects.

Remove the fuel intake hose at the carb and drain some fuel into a container..make sure it flows in a continuous, thick stream at all petcock positions (except OFF).

This assumes you have plenty of fuel in the tank.. not barely enough to get into the petcock's intake tube.. not sloshing around, half-starving the engine..

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