I have a 1979 Honda Express II without muffler or air-cleaner assembly. It doesn't run and I don't really know where to start. It is a 50cc oil injection 2-cycle motor, can i just premix the gas and not worry about the oil pump and stuff? I need to get it running, somebody help.

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sorry, I didn't mean to ask the same question about the oil injection.

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yes i suggest mixing it in a clear jug and whatever you do dont mix it in the mopeds tank the oil will settle to the bottom leaving the top of the tank as like 99 % pure gas and this is bad(no lubercation)

if it has been sitting for a whil get carb cleaner and clean it like crazy every nook and crannie on that carb and other gas related items(the fuel petcock) at the bottom of the tank i also suggest draining the tank of whatever is in there clean the tank(i use a bunch of carb cleaner) search gas tank on the forom and there are many great examplesjust make sure everything is ok then get a new spark plug if u have a napa auto parts in town they will be able to get you the right plug mix up some gas pour it in and try getting her to start any issues please post again just whatever you do if u at all question somthing if it dosent seem right just ask us

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