moped cuts off after 25 mins.

I have a very cheap but nice looking mini-chopper moped. It shuts off after it has been running for about 25 mins. It has done this since the day I got it.

If I am at a light then it will shut off there. If I am moving then it loses power then shuts off.

It also is very difficult to start but it has a pull string so maybe that is a seperate issue.

Re: moped cuts off after 25 mins.

try loosening the gas cap the vent might not work properly and the miny choppers although funn to tool around on dont have pedals so not actualy a moped but arent they fun lol

Re: moped cuts off after 25 mins.

Don Pflueger /

clean the gas cap vent, clean the carb, put it up for sale, then buy a moped.

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