motobecan capacitors

Hi, My 1976 V50 has a bad ignition capacitor. Does anyone know a reasonably priced source of this part? I put the old one in an oven and it fails at about 150 degrees F. Sid

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Sid, has them. As far as reasonable price, you might try Handy Bikes for one.

As far as I am able to tell, the Motobecne condenser is 3uF, at an unknown voltage.. probably 200-300 volts. Need to do some testing, and see what the specs are, really.

Re: motobecan capacitors

Are you refering to the round condensor that is visible outside the motor and has a metal housing or the square plactic covered condensor that fits under the primary coil in the magneto? I have a few of the genuine Motobecane round ones as well as the genuine points. How did you test it? do you have a special tester?

Re: motobecan capacitors

they are the same thing, I have replaced the copper cylinder type with the plastic type, and plastic type with the copper type.

on 12v, and 6v mobies the ignition system is the same.

some dude has them on ebay often as well.

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This is the type of capacitor tester that I have, a Heathkit IT-28:

The modern, digital types are very handy.. but they lack the ability to test the part under operating voltage conditions. This older tester can apply up to 600V to the part under test, and detect leakage that would never show up on a digital tester.

Re: motobecan capacitors

Dang it anyway, photo is attached.

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