carb leaking gas

Just, yesterday I was driving my 1978 honda hobbit when I noticed it was leaking gas. When I got home I looked and the gas leak seems to be comming the bowl of the carb I took the carb off and took off the bowl and noticed that there is no o-ring or gasket... is there supposed to be one? what could I do to fix the problem If I put some sort of silicone that would hold up to gas that would proably work any suggestions

Re: carb leaking gas

not silicone .. gasoline dissolves silicone. There is no 'instant' gasket maker that is good for this application.

Yeah, the groove in the bowl's top edge is there to hold the O-ring. Get a new O-ring if you can..

Or cut a paper gasket to fit it .. buy genuine fuel-resistant gasket paper at the autoparts store for a couple bucks. use Xacto knife .. scissors.. and a leather punch to punch the small screw holes.

Re: carb leaking gas

step 1 go to honda dealer step to tell him what u need(gasket kit)

step 2 had him 10 dolar bill

step 3 get change(mine was $5.87)

step 4 take apart carb clean real well

step 5 reasemble with the proper orings

doing other than this(using gasket material using gasket sealer rubberbands(yes ive seen it) these will fail because of how things fit oh and ps the oring set i got had an extra oring in it i found out later that the same kit is for like 10 other carbs so dont let this allert you when u r sitting there with an extra oring

Re: carb leaking gas

Shawn Mcdonald /

fixed it with a paper gasket and if it dosn't hold up ill get an o ring set

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