Swingarm Banjo

I just replaced the banjo-bracket-thingie on the back swingarm on an old ped. I rode it around this weekend and the bolt in the banjo is now bent 90 degrees and I'll probably have to get a whole new banjo to replace it.


Did I have the bajo too tight? Should I get a new banjo and find a stronger bolt(if that's possible)?

Re: Swingarm Banjo

i dont think anyone will understand what you are saying...

maybe a pic would help


Re: Swingarm Banjo

Pat Mycrotch /

Banjo = the bracket that pulls the rear axle back on the swingarm so that the chain stays tight.

That's what the guy at Handy Bikes said they're called. I didn't know but I'm somewhat clueless.

Re: Swingarm Banjo

ok.. its a long bolt with a "head" that is like a large washer.. the washer slips over the axel to pull it..

i've made these from .. guess what.. a washer and a bolt ..

cut an appropriate bolt's head off, cut a shallow slot in the bolt's end and weld an appropriate washer on there.

They do get bent up .. they are kinda thin and weak and are not meant to hold any weight or to support the axel or anything.. and the threads get stripped all the time too..

If you find or make one or can straighten the one you have, use care and use the banjo only to adjust the wheel position.

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