Pepi might just turn out OK

So, after much pain, I think I'll have my resolution.

Background: Bought a non-working Pepi Sport. After new points and condenser I got it running for 20 minutes and then it crapped out and wouldn't start. Rebuilt the carb, tore down the cylinder and decarbonized it, replaced broken woodruff key and reset timing, got it running but the tranny didn't engage, replaced starter clutch retainer cap and leaf springs (worn all the way out).

So yesterday popped it open again and examined the centrifugal clutch. It looked OK and the parts moved. So I'm thinking my main problem is that the centrifugal clutch wasn't tightened down enough. I was able to easily remove it without a puller (just a firm grip on the flywheel), and from looking at the way the parts go together in the manual (thanks it looks like parts were warn a little in a circular motion where they shouldn't be - thus the centrifugal clutch was slipping on the spindle. This makes sense because when I would try to kick the bike over I would have a hard time getting good movement out of the flywheel (with the cover and fan off).

So I should have time to work on it tomorrow, and it better get running because it's my 26th birthday and I could use some not feeling old.

Re: Pepi might just turn out OK

you think 26 is old?

Re: Pepi might just turn out OK

Everyone thinks 26 is old when they turn 26.

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