puch maxi air filter?

What's the air filter look like? 1980 puch maxi. Just bought the bike w/o any air filter whatsoever. No housing, nothing. I may head down to the hardware store and buy a Briggs and Stratton air filter.

For 50 buck, the thing runs like a champ, looks slightly post-apocalyptic.

Re: puch maxi air filter?

you have to get one close because your air to fuel ratio wont be right.

Re: puch maxi air filter?

actually you can buy any small airfilter, retro fit it to your carburetor and wrap electrical tape around the airfilter until you get the proper amount of airflow. (Plug chops to make sure you're not getting TOO much air) Keep in mind, if you do have the side panels, pretty much only the stock airfilter will fit under them. The post apocalyptic look is in. Go Team Rat Bike!

Re: puch maxi air filter?

Hey thanks folks! I took it for a run uptown with just a scrap of foam taped on. That would explain why it wanted to stay choked for so long - too much air!

Re: puch maxi air filter?

Moped warehouse has new ones for about $20.

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