leaky puch tank

I am about to buy a puch moped with a leaky tank. The tank is the sort that is built right in to the frame. Anyone have any experience dealing with these? I imagine there's no chance I can pick up a replacement...

Re: leaky puch tank

start with the Search function above..

type in something like ' leak puch tank '

select "message bodies" and drop down arrow to "all dates"

a bunch of hits ..

search 'repair puch tank' .. 'puch tank leak'

Re: leaky puch tank

Thanks - can't wait to swing that whole bike around, coating the tank. :-)

Re: leaky puch tank

it sux, don't it :/

but the nice thing about repairing and then Kreem coating a tank is it lasts a long time if it's done right .. no more problems with pin hole leaks or rust flaking off and into the fuel.

i wouldn't be shy about making access holes or cutting open a tank, then sandblasting the interior, patching holes with soft solder or or silver solder or maybe welding it back up.. but i'd still coat the tank interior afterwards.

project bikes are what they are .. if you want good performance and a reliable ride, tank repair is almost always a part of it.

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