Puch brake cables


I am not terribly mechanically knowledgable, but my rear brakes are very stiff, and once they've engaged they stay on until I push the brake lever away from me. Could this ba an adjustment thing (my husband did try to adjust the tension, but he thinks I need a new cable)

If I do need to replace the cable is this something a person could find directions for and pull off without a lot of background knowledge?

Also, what's the best way to find parts?

Any and all advice is appreciated.



Re: Puch brake cables


You are probably missing the return spring that sits on the brake hub. The return spring is what releases the brakes and pulls the lever away from the handlebar.

A good place to order parts from, see some diagrams and see how everything is put together is here:


Changing out the brake cable is VERY easy. Just go slow and watch how the old one comes off. Be sure to remember how the cable runs from the brake to the handlebar and install the new one just like the old one.

Good luck!

Re: Puch brake cables

Thank-you, actually it seems it was actually the lever itself, and loosening that screw has erased the psoblem.

If only all problems were that easy. . .

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