Still No Spark

Ok. Still no spark. I have spent ALOT of money already to get this thing going. I would like to start saving some money on the repair. Perhaps you guys can help me out in ruling out what to buy.

My points are working properly. I am not worried right now on ignition timing right now. I'll do that when I get spark. I checked continuity and I get the proper response when the points open.

I checked A/C current with the two coil wires coming out of the magneto. I get an A/C volt reading with both wires.

I plan on getting original bosch spark plug wires, and spark plug as listed in the M56 engine diagram.

I was thinking of also getting a new condensor and H.T. coil. That coil is very expensive, and the condensor is fairly expensive. Can someone help me out in ruling out those parts as a spark problem? Any tests to perfom? Time is running out for the goal I set on getting this thing running.

Thanks guys.

Re: Still No Spark

Don Pflueger /

the ignition system will fire whether a condensor is present or not. i wish i could just look your bike over. there is something very simple we are looking over.

Re: Still No Spark

are all your lights working correctly?

a lot of these mopeds tend to not spark correctly if any bulbs are burned out or missing.

Re: Still No Spark

Perhaps a fresh set of eyes is a good idea. Is there anyone in the Chicago-Lakeview area that can help me out? Give a quick lookover?


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