6 volt bulbs

Hi, Does anyone have asource for 6 volt bulbs?

Re: 6 volt bulbs

http://www.themopedjunkyard.com/lights.html Scroll down for the bulbs.


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Re: 6 volt bulbs

pre-1967 Volkswagons were 6Volt and used bulbs with common bayonette bases .. what you need might be found at big autoparts stores.. it depends.

You can sometimes go to 12 volt bulbs.. Double the 6v wattage so the bulb uses the same amount of power (amps).

A 6 volt, 18 watt bulb consumes 3 Amps (W/V=A)

A 12 volt, 36 watt bulb does too.. (36W / 12V =3 Amps)

Brightness may appear slightly different but it's better than nothing (and cheap and available).

Re: 6 volt bulbs

Re: 6 volt bulbs


Re: 6 volt bulbs

Ramsey Beyer /

hi. can you tell me the exact voltage/wattage for both the taillights and headlight? thanks so much

Re: 6 volt bulbs

i see you've got some kind of Puch in your profile.. go HERE and get whichever Puch manual is appropriate.. or just get all 4.

There should be lots of info about the electrical stuff including bulb wattage on a specification page.. or maybe it's in the wiring diagrams.

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Thanks for the info, Jim

Re: 6 volt bulbs

there is really no difference between 6v and 12v bulbs

like Joew said W/V=A

For example I am using a 32v 45 watt bulb as a headlamp bulb right now in a 6v moped.

this is the best place I have found for bulbs


Re: 6 volt bulbs

there's almost no difference .. but there's a difference..

Take a 6 volt, 12 watt bulb.

W / V = A so 12 / 6 = 2 Amps

A 12 volt, 24 watt bulb also draws 2 amps (24/12=2)

Both draw 2 Amps and the magneto won't know the difference.. there's no danger of drawing too much power..


but here is the real difference.. Ohms (resistance)

Ohms = Volts / Amps

6 Volts / 2 Amps = 3 ohms.

12 Volts / 2 amps = 12 ohms.

The 12 volt wire element in the bulb has more resistance .. Since you're pumping only 6 volts through it, it won't be as bright. (Some electrical power is wasted as heat, instead of becoming light, due to the increased resistance)

But since a magneto delivers more than 6 volts (maybe 25V or more at top rpm) and few bikes have voltage regulators, you might not notice anything when switching to 12 volt bulbs...

Re: 6 volt bulbs

6 Volts / 2 Amps = 3 ohms.

12 Volts / 2 amps = 12 ohms. <-- 12 / 2 = 6 ohms

Anyway, resistance of the 12 volt bulb is double that of the 6 volt bulb.

Re: 6 volt bulbs

Brian Mikami /

Some pics of a 12v 10w standard bulb and a Japan hyper-white 12v 10w...


Re: 6 volt bulbs

i like the whiter light .. probably makes you more noticable, night or day. I rarely ride at night.. and nyway, i always assume the guy's on his cell phone, slopping catsup on his pants, tuning the radio and won't see me regardless.. until i'm through his windshield sitting next to him, bleeding on his upholstery..

6 volt bulbs

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

6v to 12v light bulb conv chart

old bulb new bulb

6v 12v

watts watts

---- X 2 = -----

As long as the base is the same

the 12v bulb should slip right in.

Just enter the 6v watts, multiply

by 2 giving the 12v watts.

.Some say a picture is worth

a thousand words. Jim

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