Garelli bearings & races

I was wondering if anyone here can tell me where I can purchase new OEM rear wheel races and bearings for a Garelli N2 Sport. A friend of mine had his rear wheel bearings self destruct and therefore needs to have them replaced. Although I'm not a fan of the cup & cone bearing arrangement, it would be less work for me to just replace with OEM rather than source proper sealed bearings and machine keepers, spacers and axle to suit. The wheel is in otherwise great shape needing only clean up and truing so I am hesitant in purchasing a complete rear wheel because:

1) they appear to be difficult to find and in questionable condition if used

2) a new rear wheel would be relatively expensive... which would be difficult to justify.

Also, can anyone here tell me what the OEM axle diameter is and if it is stepped to a smaller diameter to pass through the brake backing pate or is it's diameter consistent throughout it's length?

For kicks, look at the stress fractures on these races. The pic is attached.


Re: Garelli bearings & races

Whoa!!! Hold on everyone! Damn, with the number of replies posted I'm worried I'm responsible for impacting Moped Army's bandwidth... whew! ;)

Well I decided to just order the sealed bearings. In case anyone here needs a bearing resource for their boards, peds, bikes, cycles, skates... whatever, check out . The bearings I'll be using are 12mmI.D.X32mmO.D.X10mmW which were $2 per... and they are quality SKF which I've used many times before.

Re: Garelli bearings & races

Good tip and nice little website you have there. It does seem like a fair amount of work to make the sealed bearing work but you should be all set for a while with the new set-up. Thanks: DT

Re: Garelli bearings & races

Thanks for the kind words. It was better when I had a registered domain and my own server. The site was chock full of tips, R&D software, links to obscure resources and such. I just don't have the time to maintain something like that anymore. But of course there's always time for shameless self-promotion. ;)

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