horn broken

the horn on my tomos targa doesnt work. any ideas on what could be wrong. io got the moped today so i dont know muchabout it. but i am pretty good with engines and stuff so......

Re: horn broken

check to see if the wires are conected first. and make sure the conectors are clean and are making good contact.

Re: horn broken

Most Tomo's Mopeds are fairly new so it should not be a rotted out horn. Most likley it's a faulty wire or the horn is set incorrectly, there is a screw or some thing you can turn on the back somtimes front of the horn that adjusts the pitch. Do not touch it unless you get a weak horn, if you have no power it's probably a wire.

Re: horn broken

Mike Lumbert /

get a sticker that say HORN BROKEN, WATCH FOR FINGER!!

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