crak on the engine

hi my minerelli v1 has a small crack on the cylinder it is right at the end were it connects to the crank case the crack dose not go through the hole tjing but it is were the gasket will be . will the engine work right? when i install the gasket will that fix it?

also the crack is about hte sizo of a hair

Re: crak on the engine

if you think the crack wont affect compression etc etc bearing in mind that a two stroke compresses above and below the piston then I would try it and see.

Re: crak on the engine

if i use locktite on the outside of the rack will that help it

Re: crak on the engine

How did you discover the crack?

Did the engine have a problem ?

Have you removed the cylinder to see if the crack goes all the way through?

Re: crak on the engine

i discovered the crack bye talking the cylinder off and no the rack dose not go all the way through. the engine did have a small problem but i think it was becase of the exchaust there was only one hole in the baffle that was letting air pass through

Re: crak on the engine

This could just be a casting defect that won't be a problem. If it were all the way through I would drill a stress relieving round hole where the crack stops and then fill it with JB Weld. Of course welding would be optimal. It may even be a fold made during casting where the two flows of metal met and were not hot enough at that point to meld into one another

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