PA 50 Rear Pulley Tear down. For JoeW and G.B

Joe and GB,

You guys seem to be the experts on this whole rear-pulley tear down. I checked out your threads from times long past.

Anyway, I have to get my rear pulley welded. But am having difficulty getting it off the gearbox and back tire.

The thread i listed above tells me how to pull the pulley faces apart, but how do I get it off the gearbox/tire?

I looked at it in my garage for half an hour last night. Does the whole back tire need to come off first?

Hopefully you two can help me. Thanks.

Matt (Proud and Frustrated PA50 Owner)

Re: PA 50 Rear Pulley Tear down. For JoeW and G.B

The instruction book (you do have one don't you?) does not say if you have to remove the gearbox from the wheel to disassemble the pully assembly.

It says to do the following:

Use big 46mm wrench (or something suitable) to hold the big outer nut and unscrew the center nut (regular right hand threads)

Use special tool no. 07933-1480000 that screws into the center hole and has a pusher screw inside of it to press off the pulley assembly.

Ue special tool no. 07933-1480100 to take the pully itself apart.

If you have a lathe with a metric lead screw you could make the tools.

Good luck.

Re: PA 50 Rear Pulley Tear down. For JoeW and G.B

yeah.. that's how the rear variator unit is removed from it's tapered drive shaft.

There's a large diameter metric puller that screws into the rear pulley's center. A bolt is threaded into the center of that puller.. The bolt pushes against the drive shaft's end and pulls/pops the unit off.

But i was too lazy to track down the special tool.. wanted it off right now. So i tack-welded a large, common nut (was it 7/8x14 or 3/4x16 ?) to the center of the unit and used it's matching bolt to pop the unit off... and cut off the nut when i was done.

Don't be tempted to pound on the center shaft.. at it's other end is a caged roller bearing in a bore hole in the precision aluminum gearbox casting. .. the unit must be pulled off.

Re: PA 50 Rear Pulley Tear down. For JoeW and G.B


That sounds so much more complicated than I had hoped.

I got the nut off using a pair of vice grips (instead of a 46mm wrench).

But that is as far as i can get. I got the shop manual and of course I have none of the tools necessary for the job (no puller etc.). I am a classic Apsley Handyman - doing the job with all the wrong tools.

Unfortunately I have no access to a welder either.

I just need to get at the rear pulley so that I can weld the inside face. So maybe if I get the whole tire off, I can bring it in and get the guys to do some delicate welds around the spokes and above the gearbox.

Otherwise I think I am screwed.

Re: PA 50 Rear Pulley Tear down. For JoeW and G.B

im curious about something.. weld the inside face? That inner half of the pulley is very thin sheet metal. What exactly do you need to get welded?

The welder guy can do what i did.. tack weld a large nut to the unit's center and use the matching bolt to pull the unit off.

Re: PA 50 Rear Pulley Tear down. For JoeW and G.B

oh I just got a PA 50-2 it's an amazing bike but is the most difficult frustrating thing to work on. The way it's made is not Mechanicaly friendly good luck if I owned a PA 50 for longer I could tell you how to do what your asking but I have never worked on one before. hope you get it, don't rush or you risk damaging your bike permanently, take your time you will get it.

Re: PA 50 Rear Pulley Tear down. For JoeW and G.B

Hey guys,

Thanks for the help.

I finally got everything figured out. Now I just have to get it done. Plan on going back to my welder tomorrow. I hope to have this bike running again before long.

I will let you guys know.

Take it slow.


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