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I have a broken filament in my LX top-tank headlight.

I have the factory bulb in it right now, and the low beam filament blew within a week. I've been reading the forums and have learned i should replace it with a 35/35 bulb, but i need to know if any one knows the Canadian tire # for the bulb, or if there is a better bulb out there. Also can anybody suggest a paint to use for decal-ing the gas tank and the front plate?

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any paint for plastic should work

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John Joedicke /

Its in another thread, but here is the CTC # again 26-2040-2 (35/35 watt) Is actually and old snowmobile bulb used by Skidoo years ago.

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Thanks for the help guys. you saved me a lot of grief

Re: LX headlight, oops i did it again

Hey guys,

I just changed the bulb today and the damn thing blew within a couple minutes. I think it may have happened while i was revving high. which might make sence because that may mean that the bulb is getting to much power and blowing. Once again, it was just my low beam, which leads me to believe my assumpion is correct.

Am i right or am i just a moron. ... or am i both.

Is there another explanation and what can I do about it?

ohhh, one more thing.

When i ran the high-beam with the 35/35 bulb, i found i had to be revving very high to get my turning signals to work. Man this sucks.

Is the bulb too powerful? or is it not powerful enough because it still blows on me?

Re: LX headlight, oops i did it again

Voltage regulator is probably bad... Or you are moto-crossing off jumps.


Re: LX headlight, oops i did it again

John Joedicke /

You can get a universal voltage regulator at Royal Distributing in Guelph and cut it in -line to your headlight. I believe they are about 20 bucks. Neat store for parts and riding gear etc.

Re: LX headlight, oops i did it again

thanks again

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