brake light not working (elec problems)

i have a 1985 tomos silver bullet and the taillight works when you have the lights on but the brake light dont i have looked over ever inch of wireing and everthing is hooked up i have even bought a new brake light and all the brake sencers are hooked up has even one else ever had this problem. The only thing that i can think of that may be cosing this the the spark plug wire has been cut off by the owner befour me and i just twisted it on and put some elec tape on it could that be cosing a short or something

brake light not working (elec problems)

Correct me if Im wrong, but isnt there a

switch on each handle that signals for a brake.

Maybe it would be worth replacing those switches (unless

your new handles came w/ new switches.


Re: brake light not working (elec problems)

Im doubtin' its the plug wire... but get a new one fer petes sake!

Re: brake light not working (elec problems)

Pull the switch out of the brake level holder and then manually operate it with your fingers. This should be a Momentary Switch that is Normally Closed. IF you see no results. check the brake light bulb filmet to see if good. Usually there are two. Turn lights on to see which one is which. The Brake light filmet will be separate from the lights on filmet. If you have a OHM meter you can try checking Ohms across the filmets, they should be low but NOT infinite, i.e. flashing display on digital or sideways 8 on analog. If you do not find the problem this way check the ground on the bulb connection. Though usually the brake ground is the same as the lights on ground.

Re: brake light not working (elec problems)

mine was stuck on because the button in the switch was jammed backwards. Its probably the switch. try turning it in all the way, if its in then replace it.

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