suzuki fa50 kick start

Just got a Suzuki fa50 as a summer project to try and fix up. the only problem is that i cant get it to start. I think that I am doing everything right but the gears all seem to lock up when I try to press down on the kick start. If anyone has any ideas or tips on what to do please let me know. Thanks!!!

Re: suzuki fa50 kick start

you have to hold the clutch handle in to start it, I can't remember which handle it is because I disabled it on mine, but just hold the brake handle and try kicking it over

Re: suzuki fa50 kick start

Its the left brake. I've done that but all of the gears lock up or something in the engine does.

Re: suzuki fa50 kick start

Hi all

I have just brought FA50 1980 as well and I am having the same problem, whats this about the left brake being a clutch?? can anyone help??


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