6v Horn

I have a 78 honda express and the horn doesnt work...there is two wires that go to it, a pal green and balck. I figured out that the green one goes to the horn button and the balck delviers the power...The back wire will spark with it rubbing against metal and the green one will not. I tryed playing with the screws on the back of the horn but nothing. Do these things usually break?? How could i check if the horn button works? Also does anyone know where i could get a replacment??



also on the back of the horn it said SM-8 Knight Horn 6v 7 L or n i dont remember..It had a screw on the side where it said up and and another word but was rusted over..it did work some time ago but not that well and then started to not work..

Re: 6v Horn

When the bike is running, put a voltmeter across the black & green wires. When you hit the horn button, you should see system voltage - 6 or 12, depending on how the bike is set up.

By the way, do those bikes use an AC or DC horn?

Re: 6v Horn

YES! i found out that the screws in the back were turned in or turned out to far..theres a screw in the middle that adjusts the loudness of the horn (mine was on the lowest) and the pitch screw on the side..I just played around untill i felt a very quiet ring..then kept moving the screw in and back untill i got a actual ring..

Re: 6v Horn

after your horn sits for a while it will like sise up i found the best way to fix this was to spry wd40 into the front of the horn and then it work better

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