Light Bulbs

does anyone know a 6v 10 W and 5W bulb make and model number?

i am having a hard time finding them locally.


Re: Light Bulbs

check an electronic supply store, sometimes they have them in stock. If you have to order them you may have to do it 10 at a time.

Re: Light Bulbs

older Volkswagons (before '67) used a 6 volt system.. try calling or visiting a large autoparts chain store.

You'll probably find 12 volt bulbs that will fit in the sockets.. The thing to be careful about when using those is over taxing the magneto's power output.. You dont want accssories and/or lamps to draw more current (amps) than the stock 6V lamps and accessories do..

A 6volt, 10 watt bulb draws 1.66 amps. (W/V=A)

And so does a 12 volt, 20 watt bulb. (20/12=1.66)

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