question about puch 2 hp. maxi luxe

i just got a 78 puch maxi luxe 2 hp. it has sweet pick up, never threatens to just shut down, rides smooth, and feel great. no complaints except for that it seems to top out at 20 mph on a smooth flat road. i have a pretty bad fuel mix in it right now but i wonder if that would make it run so slowly. the carb is clean, the petcock will need to be replaced in due time but it's doing the job fine. would it have anything to do with the exhaust? do 2 hps just run slower? thanks!


Re: question about puch 2 hp. maxi luxe

2-speed Puchs hit the same speed as other Mopeds 40-50 km, but a 2-speed will accelerate faster. From the information you have given it sounds like the bike is not going into 2nd speed which would take it to the full 50km. Your bike is staying in 1st speed which tops out at 20, to make it short you have a Moped with a gear problem and will need to have the engine Rebuilt to fix it as Puch's have to be entirley dismantled to fix the clutch since it is internal. Please do not try to take the engine apart unless you have experience find somone who can do it properly or you could end up with a Moped with a permanently damaged engine, "I have seen it all to often and it's sad" GOOD LUCK oh you might just need ATF typeF fluid in the clutch and gears but it probably is damaged that's why the person sold it.

Re: question about puch 2 hp. maxi luxe

actually, i have a one speed transmission. the engine is 2 HP which means horsepower. as far as i know, an engine can be a 2 HP and still be 1 speed. i have an extra 2 speed trany and it looks totally different than one on this bike.

anyway.. i was riding today and thought "maybe i should try riding without the air box or with a different airbox." i have three extra luckily. i put a different one on and the thing cruises now! today i discovered, for myself, a lot about engine air intake!


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