Muffler repair

I have a 1979 suzuki FZ50 and while riding the other day the mounting bracket busted and the muffler detached from the manifold and bit the dust. I was able to recover the muffler and ride home with a ringing in my ears and to find my roommate standing outside wondering what that incredible noise was! The bracket was just a hole that was bolted to the frame and the piece broke in half so it no longer will hold. The exhaust attached to the manifold with one stud bolt and one regular, the stud bolt busted off at the junction. My issue is that I need to figure out how to mount a new muffler with no stud bolt. Do I need to bore out the area were this bolt snapped off and just bolt a new unit on, or should I actually weld a new muffler on? any help would be appreciated. I am also curious about alternatives to shelling out $88 for a new muffler, I have not had much luck finding a used one - I believe i could get one from an fa50 as well but still can't track one down.

Re: Muffler repair

take the cylinder off, and see if there is much of the stud still sticking out. If it's enough to grab with vice-grips, tap it hard a few times with a hammer, and try the vice grips.

You can try drilling it out, using a bolt extractor (but they break), or even drilling and tapping (using a tap) for a new stud.

drilling and tapping is probably the best option, if you can't just unscrew it..

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