power loss Help

2005 Startec Eagle 200 Miles

I was riding home tonight when my scooter spudder-ed and stopped It started again but i have only half the power

and when I got it home I have a hard time starting it and it wont stay running It seams like its not getting gas yet I take the like to the carb and turn it over and gas runs out

I have not seen anyone talk about this type of scooter and I wonder if this is good or bad If anyone has any info please respond


Re: power loss Help

well, you wont find many people talk about that scooter here, just because its a scooter. We tend to have some prejudices against scooters on the moped website. I suggest checking the airflow, maybe somthing happened to one of many filters on the bike.

Re: power loss Help

Most people here are into Mopeds and there's a big diffrence in the two, so you might want to try a scooter sight for info on this model.

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