PUCH Maxi air filter

My 1979 PUCH Maxi moped does not have an airbox. I'm _pretty_ sure it's supposed to, but it doesn't. What else should I put for the air filter instead? If I just put a regular air filter on it, Would that work?

Re: PUCH Maxi air filter

Yes, you really do need an airbox on it. Without it you air fuel mixture will be way too lean and your engine will run too hot. You may be able to use an aftermarket type of filter, but you'll have to restrict the air coming into it. The opening on my airbox is about the size of a quarter.


Re: PUCH Maxi air filter

Well, the opening on the carb is where the air is going in, I guess that's about the size of a quater. What exactly does the airbox do? What if I just put a filter directly over the opening on the carb and left it the way it is. It's not like I'm going to be going for any long distance rides, so should it be ok with just a filter?

Re: PUCH Maxi air filter

Jason Luther /

you can get a filter for about $15 and your motor will be a lot quiter and run better ( unless you use a bigger main jet to compensate for no filter=more air), plus it has a nice clip to hold your rear brake cable so it doesnt flop around everywhere.

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