Help!!! My Honda has no spark

My 1983 honda urban express deluxe has no spark from the spark plug and ive changed the spark plugs and still nothing can anyone help!?!?!?!?!?!?

Re: Help!!! My Honda has no spark

gonna be tough without some more information.. at least try to describe the whole situation leading up to the no-spark condition.. the reason you tried a new plug in the first place..

Re: Help!!! My Honda has no spark

the moped ran and then would not start tried a new spark plug and that didnt do it i also got a coil froma friend that he said came off of a running bike but that didnt help either

Re: Help!!! My Honda has no spark

so it ran fine with no problems at all and then the next day it just wouldn't start..

exactly how are you determining that there's no spark?

Re: Help!!! My Honda has no spark

yes that is what happend i am determining that their is no spark because i pulled out the spark plug and held it next to the cylinder while i kick started it and nothing happend and i have changed the spark plug and did the same thing over and over nothing happend

Re: Help!!! My Honda has no spark

it's possible that some ignition component failed.. perhaps a condenser or the ignition coil..

But this is very unlikely to happen compared to a wire being disconnected or broken or a switch going haywire. If the kill switch or ignition switch or their wires are malfunctioning, you may not get any spark.

There are just too many possibilities.. points.. flywheel.. lots of things.. can't get more specific without some clues. Something happened .. and something caused that something to happen.

what year is the bike.. NA50 Express? Urban Express?

Re: Help!!! My Honda has no spark

well a while ago i went to replace the kill switch but was to lazy to take the time to take off the red switch and replaced the one that was on it with one that did not have electric start the connecters are different in that one has three prongs in the bottom the other has two would this cause me to lose my spark or what?

Re: Help!!! My Honda has no spark

You could diagnose that by disconnecting the kill switch's wires way back in the wiring harness near the engine. (?? i dont have an Express and am going by the diagram.. im not sure exactly where the connector is)

There are a couple Express manuals HERE and they have wiring diagrams near the end ..

I took a quick look at it and it seems you can disconnect both the ignition and kill switches by just unpluging one connector.

Trace the kill wire. The kill switch wire is connected to the points/condenser wire. (The kill switch grounds the points and kills ignition.) After a short study time the wiring diagram will make sense.

If that kill switch was miswired it may be killing the spark all the time. If the bike gets spark with it disconnected you've found the trouble.

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