Busted QT50...help

I rode my QT50 to the train yesterday. i rolled it over the curb and locked it up. The bottom banged the curb relatively hard, but nothing too abnormal. The motor shut off immediately. When I got on it to ride home that night, it barely started. It would not rev up or go anywhere. It ran for about 1 minute...barely. I had to push it home. Any idea what may have happened? There are no lines or wires broken or unattached. Everything seems to be fine.

It got bumped and it busted. Please help!

Re: Busted QT50...help

There are only a few things sensitive to shock.. wire connections are one of them..

another is the float and it's needle in the float bowl.. a float can get hung up or bounce around and jam the needle into it's seat.

Another is a bunch of crap got knocked loose in the fuel tank and may now be clogging a screen or filter..

Diagnose it systematically like any other problem. You need spark, fuel and compression to start and run.

Assuming it won't start now, try a squirt of Starter Fluid in the carburetor (or through the spark plug hole). If the bike then starts and runs for a moment, wiring and ignition is ok, but fuel is lacking for some reason.

but if the bike already starts ok and runs for a minute or two, fuel delivery may be restricted and the bike is running out of gas.

Re: Busted QT50...help

THanks Joe. I poured a little gas through the spark plug hole and it still would not start. I don't have spark. I have heard that it may be the ignition timing mechanism. Is this a possibility and how can I check it? by the way, it no longer starts at all! Obviously without spark it will not.

Re: Busted QT50...help

liquid gasoline can easily foul the plug ..

I much prefer Starter Fluid for testing.. it's a very volatile gas (pre ether) along with a bit of lubricating oil and can't foul the plug.

You say no wires were were broken or unattached but if there's suddenly no spark, something electrically-related did happen..

The magneto and it's parts are pretty solid.. unless you banged the engine block hard on the curb i don't see how something could have come loose in there..

I'd check for spark again.. brand new plug or any plug absolutely known to be good.. even one from a car. Clamp it's base to the engine block and attach the boot.. crank it over and watch for a spark.

Otherwise double check wiring.. Disconnect the kill switch and ignition switch wires from the magneto.. this will eliminate the possibility that the frame/harness wiring or switches are at fault.

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