need some help with my "new" moped

Hi. I've just come into possession of a Garelli Super Sport moped, and I seriously need some help. My neighbor was throwing it away, so you can imagine its in rough shape, but I'm up for a challenge and want to restore it. However, I'm totally new to mopeds. I have no idea what year it is... is there any way I can find out? (like a VIN on a car?) It seems to be missing the tank, seat, right-hand grip/brake assembly (is that also the throttle like in a motorcycle?) and the chain, and a few small minor parts. The motor looks to be intact, but I was told it didn't run any more.

Please, if anyone can tell me where I should even START with this project, it would be much appreciated :)

I'll have pictures of it (in its sad state) soon... as soon as I take them!

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

Yes, photos would be of great help in identifying your unit.

Missing as much as it is you might be better off selling it for parts and getting yourself a running unit.

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

ok... i managed to find the VIN label... its from 1979. this is a picture of it:

warning, dialup...don't bother, this picture is seriously huge... i'm sorry :(

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

Just start disassembling and cleaning and greasing. You'll get somewhere eventually.

I usually start with the basics: engine, carb, electrical, exhaust, wheels/shocks, brakes/throttle/clutch assemblys and cables.

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

WOW, you really are missing a lot of stuff. Unfortunately, you will probably make ebay rich, buying everything you will need. There are better mopeds around. Try to find a Puch or Motobecane that is mostly complete. Fixup cost will be much lower. For what you will spend to get that Garelli running, you could easily get a recent Kinetic or an almost new Tomos.

If you must try to repair it, take lots of pictures during and before disassembling anything. Best of Luck.

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

umm... how much would you estimate i'm looking at for this thing? i didn't think it would be that much :(

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

John Joedicke /

Part it out, what is left of it. It will cost you too much to bring her back from the dead. As was said before put the parting out money towards something that will have a better chance at running again or maybe a tired runner but salvagable one.

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

You have the important stuff, frame,fork,swing arm, motor, and wheels. Every project needs to start somewhere. Heres what I started with:


Live to ride, Ride to work

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

My missing parts list grew by the minute. I could have definetely bought a working moped by now. And I still don't have a spark yet.

BUT....if you have the cash and you're interested in restoring it, go for it. If you're looking to ride tomorrow, part it out.

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

Someone is selling new Kinetics in NJ for $795. The ad is in the Star-Ledger classifieds under moped. This should be your ceiling price unless you plan this only as a fun project, not for transportation. Realize that you will have another problem when you decide to register it. You will need to have a title. Getting that may cost you $150 plus a DMV fee.

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

ohh..i KNEW this was going to be a lengthy project... i wasn't expecting to have this thing running next week... or even probly this summer... but i would like to ride it eventually LOL

i'm perpetually poor... so dropping $700 at once on a moped is one thing... dropping $50 here and $100 there spread out over several months is another thing entirely :)

i always wanted to restore a car... i guess i can start smaller.. hehe

thank you much for the input, tho.. i do definatly appreciate it. as for the title.....i can hope the neighbor still has the paperwork... :-/

Re: need some help with my "new" moped

You will need two things to start off. Dempsey's manual and a repair manual. Try these at the MRA site.

The Dempsey book file is a biggie. Try to get a friend with a fast connection to download it. If you have trouble, post a reply. Good luck.

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