Stalling - Coil issue?? Help!!

I'm having problems with my Ariel 3, and wondering if anyone can give some advise, or an opinion.

My ped starts up great, it will run for about 5 - 10 minutes, and then dies. It seems to simply stop running, and once it does, it becomes very difficult to get going. If I can get it moving at all, it will sputter along, and will only keep running if I use the chock.

I originally thought it may have been a fuel problem, and have cleaned the tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, and all petcocks. I have just rebuilt the carb, and have changed the plug, but still have this stalling issue.

I have also changed the "spark plug boot", but I notice the High Tension wire has been partially melted through.

This wire from the coil to the plug is the next thing I'm looking at.

My question is: would the melt point in the wire cause the bike to stop running once it heats up? The insulator on the wire has been melted through, and although I do not see any actual wire showing, I am wondering if this is the problem.

Any Ideas? Any suggestions?


Re: Stalling - Coil issue?? Help!!

this may sound silly but try loosening your gas cap the vent in it may be blocked even if u cleaned it , it still may be clogged the system is gravity fed and if the cap is clogged in about 10-15 min enough of a vacum will be caused that no gas will make it to the carb

Re: Stalling - Coil issue?? Help!!

Don Pflueger /

tim is right. check the gas cap vent. when the engine begins to stall, loosen the cap. if the engine recovers quickly, itsdefinetly the cap vent.

now, heres my assumption of your problem from a different view. you say it will run with the choke closed. and that it sputters. this sounds to me like an over rich condition. when you changed your spark plug, what did the old one look like?

if the gas cap vent is plugged, the engine may still run on choke because it cuts off the air flow and allows the engine to run somewhat on very little fuel and air. your plug should look whiteish or grey. maybe even very light tan.

but another problem may be a loose chunk of carbon in the exhaust. if its floating around it the pipe it may plug up the baffle tube at times. in this case, your plug would look very black and sooty.

in all honesty tho, i think your gas cap vent is plugged.

Re: Stalling - Coil issue?? Help!!

woo i got one right lol

Re: Stalling - Coil issue?? Help!!

Bill Hasted /

I'll recheck the gas cap, however I don't think this is the issue. I have thought of this one, and there is a stock " vent hole " which does not appear t/b blocked. When I changed the plug, it was a lovely tan color. I think the mixture is correct, but I did make an oil change recently, from Redline to Elf 100% synthetic racing oil.

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