Ped won't idle...

I recently got my ped running after some maintenance, here's what I posted:


I have a 1978 Honda Hobbit PA50II. I have:

Kreemed the tank

cleaned the carb

replaced the air filter

replaced the muffler

replaced the spark plug

and my ped still bogs out at full throttle. When wide open the ped will have a burst of speed and then slow down, then a burst a speed etc._text_

Even though all this happened, my ped did idle, in fact it idled this morning. But, when I ran my ped this afternoon the idleing stopped. I adjusted the air/fuel mix and throttle screws but w/ no effect.

Why all of a suuden? What do I need to do?

thnx in advance


Re: Ped won't idle...

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Re: Ped won't idle...

It sure sounds like the carb still has a problem.. like it's running out of gas at full throttle for some reason. The idle problem is just icing on the cake .. something new.

Drain some fuel into a very clean, clear glass container. (The float bowl drain screw is through the pedal sprocket.. drain hose should be somewhere near the rear of the muffler on the left side)

Turn the drain screw out about 3 turns so it's well opened..

Look closely for any little flecks of garbage in the fuel.

Spray Starter Fluid around the intake manifold to detect vacuum leaks... (a change in RPM.)

When it begins to stall at idle, spray some Starter Fluid into the carb's 3-hole rubber air intake and see if the engine suddenly comes to life. (clogged idle circuit?)

Clean the screen-filter on the underside of the petcock.. check for good fuel flow at the hose at the carburetor.. If it's not a steady, thick stream the carb may be running out of fuel at top speed.

The multiple fuel related symptoms seem to point to carburation... air leaks, fuel leaks, restricted fuel flow.. As long as it runs ok around mid-throttle ignition can be safely ruled out.

Re: Ped won't idle...

Cool, gonna have to try all these next week. Damn joe, I wish you lived down the road!


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