vroom then no vroom

i really hope this doesn't end up as a repair situation, but for the past few days my ped starts perfectly, then dies almost immediately. this hasn't been a problem for the first 500 miles and i rode it 20 yesterday with no problems, yet i was emitting some heavy blue smoke. any suggestions?

Re: vroom then no vroom

John Joedicke /

Sounds like a clogged muffler or your plug is severely fowled. Probably both.

Re: vroom then no vroom

Change your sparkplug... That would be my first move.

Have you left the fuel petcock on all the time? that may be the reason behind the smoke... If premix is left with fuel sitting in the carb for long periods (like a month) it will smoke like crazy for a while. Or your mix is way to rich.


Re: vroom then no vroom

guys at cosmotor told me not to worry about the plug until around 1000 miles. i was skeptical, but i think you're right. i'll switch one out. thanks.

Re: vroom then no vroom

true about the petcock, but i haven't gone a day without riding. if anything, it's possible i'm running to rich. will switch out the plug asap. thanks.

Re: vroom then no vroom

What make/model are you running?

What oil mix ratio are you running?

Re: vroom then no vroom

2003 kinetic tfr-usa.

down to 50:1 from 40:1 a few weeks ago.

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