78 scorpion

Hi I just joined your site, I have a 78 scorpion that I got out of a farmers feild, the funny thing is it has a good title, but any how I got it to run by cleaning out the carbs, they need a little adjustment but it runs, when I go down the road and run out of rpms, it feels like it's trying to shift but it won't, it just makes alot of noise, Is there any thing special I should lube up or check out, I haven't ripped anything off except the carb, So I don't know what the inside of anything looks like, I was wondering if anyone know how these trannys work,

Thanks guys, once I get her working good then I can rip it apart and clean and pain everything


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Michael Nesson /

I have a 78 Scorpion too! It is a great moped...very strong motor. Use "Fred's Guide" which is on line in this site under resources. Clean the carb...set the points and check the gas tank; mine had a problem with rust in the tank that kept fouling the carb.

Re: 78 scorpion

I had one of these mopeds up until last week. I was getting very fine dirt from the tank in the carb that kept it from running.

There is a small round cover & screen that is removable with a regular screwdriver on the left side of the carb. You should carefully remove the carb first. I was getting efficient at removing it without taking the throttle cable off, and cleaning it out at roadside. I would remove the fuel bowl and clean it also. It's easier w/ the top engine/frame cover off.

My Scorpion always started easily, but I didn't think it was a particularly strong runner.

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i wouldnt ride it anymore till you figure out what's up with the transmission .. i guess it's a 2-speed? If so is there any tranny fluid in there?

The bikes use centrifugal clutches.. some are dry and some are wet clutches, depending on the engine. At some RPM a clutch engages 1st gear.. at some road speed second gear is engaged.

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It's only a 1 speed

I would drain what ever oil is left in the case and fill with a half a quart of Mystery Oil.

Run the engine for 5 to 10 minutes to flush every thing out (don't ride the bike just rev it on it's stand)

With the oil still hot drain it out.

refill with SAE 20 or 30 "NON DETERGENT OIL"

This should clean things up.

The morini motor is a good strong motor that can take some abuse.

You might want to disassemble the carb and let it soak in some dip.

I use Bare Concrete Rust and Etch remover but only let it sit for no more then 10 minutes in this stuff it works great.

Good Luck and Have Fun


Re: 78 scorpion

Well I ripped the scorpion apart, sandblasted and painted it, I'll have to get a new pic, just putting her back together again, Cleaned the tank, lots of rust in there, so I'm going to put on an external fuel filter I got the tank pretty clean but better safe then sorry,

There was no oil in the tranny, just muddy water, but the insides cleaned up suprisingly good, Does any one know what kind of fluid it's suppose to have, There is a dipstick but no lable on what to put in,

And anyone know were I can get a speedo cable for this at least the inside, the cable shell is 24 inches long.

Thanks Guys

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