halogen headlight

was thinking about trying a halogen 35 watt bulb in my motron headlight, but dont want to burn something up. has anyone done this? the stock bulb really bites, cant hardly see anything

Re: halogen headlight

i've done it .. stuck a little halogen into the back of my stock PA50 sealed beam headlamp. (Search the forum for info)

Cheap, like $5 halogens, are available at Home Depot, etc.. but the 12 volt lamps were the closest available to the 6volts i wanted..

If you have a 6-volt system and can only find 12 volt bulbs, use a lamp of double the 6-volt wattage recommended in the bike's manual.

For instance, a 12volt, 30 watt lamp will draw the same current as a 6-volt, 15 watt lamp.

watts / volts = amps

30 / 12 = 2.5 amps

15 / 6 = 2.5 amps

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