motobecane moped

i have a 79 motobecane moped.

when i check the spark there is none. Where i check the voltage there is alot.

there is no spark though

any ideas on what to check??


Re: motobecane moped

Has this bike ever run? What general condition is the wiring in?

Try a brand new spark plug before anything else..

Go to THIS page .. read Fred's Guide at the top.. and grab the 2 Motobecane manuals lower down.

Re: motobecane moped

No spark = bad or no condenser bad possibly grounded wire bad ignition coil (extremely rare) may be wires are screwed up conecting all these things together due to an inexperienced mechanic trying to fix somthing. Check all wires and confirm with manuel, ignition coil should have a max of .2 OHM to the plug and condenser can be charged using 200OHM and tested using Impendance it should read a min of .400-.500, if reading is lower it should be replaced.

Re: motobecane moped

i tried the new sparkplug

still nothing

the moped is in good condition and the wiring is too.

there is no tail light on it. could that cause a problem?

do i need to short out the back wires going to the light???

thanks for the help!

Re: motobecane moped

You may be onto something, but i'm not sure about the tail light being part of the ignition circuit.. On some bikes it and/or maybe the horn are. Hang in there for a motobecane-person to answer..

However, if you know something is wrong (like a burned tail bulb) fix it .. i wouldn't be shy about shorting it's leads together for test ing purposes only..

Re: motobecane moped

I had the same problem, it was the secondry coil the one attached to the frame that the plug cord runs off.

Mine was a 6 volt.

P.s Do not get your Girlfriend to hold the plug when testing.

The lighting should be powered seperatly, on the magneto you should have one wire leading to your secondry coil the other coming tfrom the magneto is the lighting. Ensure the secondry coil is well earthed to the motor.

Good luck

Re: motobecane moped

first disconnect the staycon connectors under the high tension coil, that takes a very dodgy ignition switch out of the circuit.

make sure you have a solid ground conection between the engine, and frame. due to the engine being swingable, a ground wire must be attached between.

Well hell just read this

Re: motobecane moped

hey thanks for all the help..

now that i have looked at all of this i am thinging the points are sticking ir are bad.

if anyone has any other ideas let me know

thanks for the help!


Re: motobecane moped

that sounds like a great place to start

cleaning the points is of the first things I always do with a new bike

Good luck

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