Tomos Speed?

Ok got the airsal kit on my moped (tomos a-35) and i dont know but it seems to be running REALLY loud then a couple of days ago and ive lost some speed. I Know that some are going to say exhaust leak but no coming from that its just strange that i lost some top end speed for some odd reason.COuld be because of it being hot outside but just weird one day your doing 46-48---lucky and then next 40 42 i just dont know some ideas would be nice.Im going to put a different jet in it maybe running alittle lean when it runs lean it runs a little rough so ill up jet and see what happens but just someideas would be great. O-yeah tecnigas pipe too 58 jet.

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If a bike will run perfect at times but has some intermittant problem, a likely cause is fuel delivery is erratic. Check the entire fuel pathway .. gas cap vent .. everything. There are lots of reasons, aside from a main jet, that a bike can starve for fuel and run lean at times.

Hot weather will tend to make the air:fuel ratio richer, not leaner. Hot air is less dense so there's less oxygen per volume of hotter air.

Re: Tomos Speed?

Dan i kno u think im a an idiot but i read this on a web site........did u run the moped at fulll throttle for the first couple hundred miles? if so u are only sopposed to run it 3/4 of the throttle i read it at <> i think its under support

Chris CMM

Re: Tomos Speed?

Don Pflueger /

when installing an airsal kit you MUST put blue loc-tite on the 4 intake manifold bolts. the vibration from the kit loosens them up very quickly. the noise and loss of top end is probably from them being loose.

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try cleaning out the pipe my buddy has his moped doing the same thing and he cleand out the pipe and it worked fine. See after a while carbon will build up on the pipe wall which will in turn let less of the exauxt out the faster it leaves the pipe the better

Re: Tomos Speed?

Ian Steedman /

hey donp, do you know if that is also true for athena kits?

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