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When using chemical cleaners and liners for a rusty gas tank, can I keep the gas cap on? Or should I use a rubber stopper.

I've heard some gas caps are vented. Wouldn't the liner ruin that?


Re: Tank

gas caps are vented to the atmosphere on simple gravity-feed systems .. or else a vacuum will develop in the tank and fuel will not flow out.

When a tank has lots of internal rust you can bet the cap is internally rusted too.

Someone Kreemed my tank's cap so i soaked it in acetone to clear it .. but it was still clogged up. After breaking it open i saw it was completely packed with rust flakes..

Don't Kreem the cap or the petcock ..

Re: Tank

thank you very much

Re: Tank

when i acid washed my tank i left the cap off, removed the petcock, and plugged the bottom with a cork. must be watchful because the acid will burn through.

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