engine oil?

do I use the same two stroke oil for the engine or do I use regular engine oil for a Puch?...and one other dumb question.

Now that I've reassembled the moped, it is smoking out the exhaust pretty bad when I run it......could it be from the carb cleaner? or no oil? or bad gas mixture?. hehe. thanks

Re: engine oil?

Jason Luther /

you mix two-stroke oil (50:1) with the gas. and in the trans you use type-f transmission fluid. the smoke could be a couple things. most likely its from the engine sitting for years without running. drain the old gas (as well as the gas in the carb bowl) and replace with fresh gas. drive it aroud for a while and the crud will probably burn out of the exhaust and itll not smoke (as much)

Re: engine oil?

hehe thanks man. Maybe one day Ill be able to help out someone new like you have for me the past two posts. I appreciate it.

Re: engine oil?

go HERE and grab all the Puch manuals..

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