Master Link Clip Direction

I had to find this out the hard way, for future reference, always have the round end of the clip facing the direction of travel.


Re: Master Link Clip Direction

Yeah me to P/O had the open end on towards direction of travel! when i switched tires i put it back proper. Glad it didn't come apart at speed I'ld hate to be a human chainsaw target.Jim

Re: Master Link Clip Direction

Jason Luther /

nice info. i never paid any attention. i cant imagine a chain seperating at full speed

Re: Master Link Clip Direction

If you've ever come across an engine, with the case cracked in the area of the countershaft, it's most likely due to a chain that broke - if they wind up on the countershaft sprocket, they have a way of breaking chunks off the case.

Winding around the rear sprocket & axle isn't much fun either. That can quickly make things very unpleasant.

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