Help: locked fork - 1978 Sears moped

Hello All,

A friend gave me a 1978 Sears Free Spirit moped.

It was in his garage that was left there by the previous home owner.

The fork (steering) of the moped is locked and I do not have a key.

Are the keys for this moped all the same, meaning I can use the same key of another 1978 Sears Free Spirit?

If not, should I bring it to a locksmith to pick or just drill out the cylinder lock?

The moped is in fairly decent shape and very low mileage.

I plan to get this moped running before I start restoring it.

Also, are parts still available for this moped?

I broke the plastic lever for the Engine/Stop (engine switch).

Your help is greatly appreciated.



Re: Help: locked fork - 1978 Sears moped

I'd take it to a locksmith, they should be able to open it in about 5 minutes. They may also be able to re-key it for you.

PS I think your bike was (essentially) made by Puch. Can you post a photo or two?

Re: Help: locked fork - 1978 Sears moped

I think you are right the bike is made by Puch. Is it made in Austria.


Re: Help: locked fork - 1978 Sears moped

yeah free spirits have puch engines and they aren't real difficult to get parts for

Re: Help: locked fork - 1978 Sears moped

Ow, that bike is on hard times.. Rust Never Sleeps.

Best of luck getting it running. At least the motor / carb parts are common, should you need any. Nice wheels on that bike, also.

Re: Help: locked fork - 1978 Sears moped

if i remember right the lock on that bike is easy to remove ....there should be a retaining pin that overlaps the lock slightly.....pull that and pop the lovk out from behind with a big steel punch and a rubber mallet

Re: Help: locked fork - 1978 Sears moped

Yea, you can take it to a locksmith, or do what I did. I took it to a MC stealership, who took it to a locksmith so I got to pay both the locksmith and the stealership, who did no work. Experience the expensive way. Get an extra couple keys from the locksmith just in case, and get the lock number while you're at it, so next time you can call the locksmith up and say I need such and such a key.

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