Minarelli help

*A buddy and I got 2 non running bikes about 2 weeks ago.

The other day I got 'er running (Pepi Sport, new points + condenser) for about 20 minutes, it crapped out in the middle of the ride and the starter clutch handle was firm open.

Yesterday I pulled the tranny cover and found that there was shiny metal wear on the leaf spring and the coresponding bearing in the starter clutch itself - to the point of a flat spot on the bearing. When pushing on the starter clutch itself by hand, I was able to engage the flywheel. I also pulled the snap ring and the disk and spring were fine.

At this point I realized that the cable casing had at one point been cinched between the fork and the bike, and I think this is why the starter clutch lever was firm.

So I put it all back together, added SAE HD30 to the proper amount and tried to kick it over using vice grips on the starter arm. Couldn't get it to go, pulled the plug and it was dry and dark. I'm thinking that the reason why the bike stopped was because the carb is clogged, it just so happened that the starter clutch lever was stuck too.

Note: to get the bike running the first time I had to 'prime' the engine by sneaking some gas into the combustion chamber - but after that it ran for about 20 mintues.

My Questions:

Is the leaf spring/bearing wear a problem or common running situation?

Any thoughts/advise on my analysis?

Thanks a bunch.


Re: Minarelli help

There hould be no contact between the clutch engagement arm and the bearing in the clutch plate while running. A little wear is normal because it has to be engaged while starting.

If it will start and run a little when you squirt a little gas in the carb but will not continue to run you either have plugged up carb jets or your engine oil seals are dried out from sitting so long.

If it will run with the choke on but not with the choke off it is probably seal problems.

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