motobecane 50v help

Troy Weisenmiller /

ok so i jsut got a 50v and im tryin to do lugs chops but i cnat seem to get the plug off the bike, i have a spark plug socket, but its too long,

does anyone have suggestions, or how can i get this off with the socket being soo deep?

motobecane 50v help

Is the problem the clearance between the plug and the frame?

Most plug wrenches are deep enough to fit over the plug and inside the cavity that the head might have.

If the plug is not recessed into the head, then just use a decent box wrench.

Perhaps I'm not understanding the problem well.

Can you take a quick picture and explain wherein the problem lies?

Re: motobecane 50v help

Yeah, the frame clearance is the problem. Motobecane actually supplied a little plug tool, that sovles the clearance problem.

On a cold motor, you can just push against the exhaust to pivot the motor downward, and use a regular plug socket. If it's hot, I'd think you'd want a more correct tool for the job.

Re: motobecane 50v help

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

i have done the push on the pipe with it hot. you just need to be sure that your shoes have a decent sole on them. you can go to an auto parts store and ask them. i was given a wrench that comes with a little pocket bike. i had to cut about an inch off of the wrench part of it but it worked just fine.

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